Borealis Universe
Along the years, Virtual Devloppement has been developing an intergalatic strategy simulation game called Origins Return:
  • The goal is to create your empire and dominate the universe: first of all, thanks to the space portal which consists of a large platform that generates a quantum field that connects two points of the universe and allows travelling instantaneously from one portal to another. It can allow you to attack, colonize new planets, transfer resources from one planet to another and also to negotiate, commercial or military pacts with another emperor. The portal is the main feature of the game and shall be needed to reach your goal of being the most audacious and determined emperor of the whole universe.
  • Secondly, you have the possibility of customizing ships: decide on the firepower, the hull, shield and speed of your ship by simply adding the unblocked components to a spaceship structure. Your vessels will help you defend your own planet along with your defences and also to wipe out your most fearless enemies. Building a fleet is essential; you need to loot planets with cargo ships in order to develop your mother planet along with its 10 other possible colonies.
Whatever version you choose to use, you'll be able to ally with other players, to trade with them and of course to fight them. You can play as a warrior as well a trader or a miner, this game has been made to suit hardcore gamers as well as newbees !
Game Trailer
The Story

The Myth of the Great Coalition

A long time ago, in a part of the Universe, a great organization called the Great Coalition existed, involving thousands of civilizations coexisting peacefully, by trading and by sharing with each other their cultural and scientific discoveries. Their goal was simple and their target was unique: to understand the how the Universe worked. Because it was so complicated, only a close and honest collaboration could allow to penetrate all of its mysteries.

To improve the contact between them, the Great Sages (the best minds of that time, each representing one of the planets in the coalition) developed the Space Portal, a device allowing travelling instantaneously from one planet to another, even through the galaxies! This system was incredibly complicated: it was composed by a platform generating what they called a quantum field (a small space between two portals where they could see the other planet and go there by crossing a field). The portal used the energy of the sub-space to work, an energy source that had previously been controlled to enable other devices to work.

This philosophy and lifestyle were the basis of a long peace that lasted for a milleniem. Unfortunately, a small group of worlds wanted to question the established order. Indeed, for several centuries, this system was no longer able lead to major technological advances. For the Crusaders (name that was given in reference to the Crusades that they led), it was time for a change of philosophy in order to advance to their goal. For the Great Coalition, the encounter difficulties seemed logical: the more knowledge were accumulated, the more it became difficult to learn more.

Crusader war against the Great Coalition

The differences became more and more stronger and a terrible war ensued. The rebels were probably out-numbered, but they were prepared to fight, unlike the Great Coalition. Indeed, the strategy of the Crusaders had been predetermined and well-organized, whilst the Great Coalition was attacked by surprise. The war lasted nearly a hundred years.

Most of the Great Sages were killed by the Crusaders in order to prevent their enemies from developing new weapons and war spaceships. The Great Coalition, overtaken by events and the many political and military failures, was gradually disintegrated.

Deprived of their best scientists and the necessary infrastructures, it became impossible to continue the fight. Worse, most of their knowledge had been lost or would be in the future as a result of the war. For these people, there was no more than one possible solution: the last chance to survive was to flee. Drawing conclusions from the failure of the coalition, some people decided to exile, to return to previously abandoned galaxies and break all links with their past. Their main goal was gradually abandoned, facing the new challenge of survival of their civilization.

The Contemporary Period

Thus the greatest story of our universe was forgotten and became a myth, a legend amongst many others. Peoples developed separately and their main goal became simply the wish to live and defend themselves against possible enemies. Hundreds of years later, during excavations on your planet, you rediscover the best evidence of the truth of this story: the Space Portal, hidden by your ancestors to forget the sad fate of their civilization almost disappeared.

Today, the people, all isolated from each other, have only personal and competitor goals, forcing them to protect themselves against each other.

Burgeoning the mastery of space travel, you are trying to find your place in the universe that is now accessible and that you wish to conquer, explore and seek to discover its mysteries. Turn a new page of history by participating in major battles and by imposing yourself as the best emperor of all time.